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When folks come to the market they see our table, and items on it, but what we don’t see or sometimes know is what’s all gone on to make that happen.

While I know some folks are big impulse shoppers, and some are very calculated, with lists, and plans, others are there just to stroll around and be present. What I see from my side of the table is quite different than what some see on the other side.

I have had the opportunity to be a shopper, and it feels quite different.

One of the things we don’t see as shoppers, while we are all so consciously aware of is the hours of harvesting that happened before the market. It astonishes me how much work the produce people do to bring the items.

As a meat farmer, I was thinking about the 6 hours of packing I had to do for the weekend markets. It was work I don’t really get paid to do. I will have to look at those expenses in the future.

Another thing people don’t see is little things like long term effects of concussions, or dyslexia, that leave farmers extremely smart in some ways, and imperfect in others. Working in service industry, I have learned to see thru some of the fog. Knowing I’m also imperfect, and have had my share of wrecks, that patience and persistence seems to help those people who might be having a hard time.

Another thing I see, from my side of the table, is a ton of kindness, and generosity. From both sides of every table. There’s always a lot of LOVE floating around!

As always, THANK YOU for taking the time to read one of my many tales. Life is full of adventure, I’m honored to be a part of yours!