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Back in the early 2010’s we met a family desperate for safe food for their child. With literally 1 safe food, the child suffered from ‘failure to thrive’ due to a condition called FPIES (food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome). In laymen’s terms, basically allergic to the food proteins in nearly every food they tried. I met a 2 year old, who was not doing the things a 2 year old does. It BROKE my heart to see the struggles the youngster and his family faced.

With NO certainty that I even had an answer, they were looking for a safe egg to get a protein source, as well as something to bind his 1 safe food into more than a 1 item meal over and over.

Fpies has many levels, from acute to severe reactions. the most severe where they vomit till they go into shock. The stomach acid can damage their esophagus, teeth, and cause a battery of other issues, physically, and mentally. As a mother, I’ve always tried my best to do whatever it takes. This child, for some reason I cannot explain, I knew I had to do whatever it takes. At the time, we didn’t have corn and soy free eggs. It was something I had looked into, but not yet taken the steps to do.

I had transitioned to corn/soy free pork for my own food related needs due to an intolerance to regular pork. So after a chat with the family, we determined we would do a trial of pork. The young boy did not tolerate beef or dairy at all. Along with corn and legumes, as top reactors, these had to be avoided completely.

There were some bumps along the way, but our pork sustained this little boy for some years as a main food source. I think about how we have grown together, and developed out program, and how we did something short of miraculous for 1 family.

But the story doesn’t end there.

We helped several families. We helped train some farmers how to do what we do. Some of these families were far from us. Shipping wasn’t always cost effective. We did what we had to do.

The most recent update, our little friend’s mother shared that after the most recent trial, Grillin Meats grassfed beef is now a safe food on his menu. There was some real uncertainty if that would even be possible. I believe there are bigger things in life than I can explain, but to this day, I get choked up when I think about or talk about this family. We are all family. Even if not related by blood, we are food family.

At one point we did successfully raise chickens that were for eggs, then also for meat. Those were easy passes (successful) foods. I know not every farmer can do these sort of things for themselves, let alone for another family. But that’s who I am.

If you or someone you know has food related allergies and is looking for help, please check with me. You are not alone. Everyone deserves safe food!