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We’ve done our homework, and learned from the industry and consumers that love Veal, but don’t love how they were raised. Humane is our number 1!

We ARE the change we want to see in the industry. Our Veal is PASTURE raised at the side of the cow that gave birth to it, and fed it milk, taught it what grasses to eat, and lived free of pens. It’s not your conventional veal. it’s better!

We eat young chicken, young pigs, young sheep, why are we not eating and demanding young beef? Because somewhere it was industrialized. We are NOT industrialized. They vary, and aren’t cookie cutter beefs.

At the onset of maturity around 8-11 months, after living a great life just the way they might in the wild, we harvest the ones that are most suited to our Veal program. What butcher can offer that on an industrial level? Not many.

Take a stand, and use your food dollar to support the producers who made the change. Grillin Meats has the goods on real, natural rose veal.

Over 20 different cuts to choose from.

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