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Hailey Graduated in 2018. For her party we made mangalitsa pork roast. We actually made 3 of them. Ashley was here, and she helped me to make them. We decided to make them 3 different ways.

Ashley makes some really good roasts! On the flip side, if anyone can ruin a roast, it’s me! So I commissioned Ashley’s help!

Ashley’s recipe :

2-3 lb roast

seasoned salt or steak seasoning- rub all over outside of roast

then Salt and pepper to cover water in round crock pot

1 Onion, 1-2 cloves Garlic, add carrots at 3-4 hours after starting on Low. Add other veggies you like also.

slow roast on low 8-10 hours


The Blum Loco seasoning recipe:

1/2 tbs per pound of meat Blum Loco smoked sea salt seasoning. cover meat with seasoning, place in crock pot, add 2-4 C water just to cover meat. then 7-10 hours later it’s done!

To marinate the meat, combing ingredients and let stand over night before cooking. covered in the frig. no water added until ready to cook. Placing boiling water on the meat will speed the start of cooking for it to get done sooner.

Hands down, we all agreed, Ashley makes a great roast, but the blum loco seasoning is so good on the pork, it’s hard to beat!

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