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Chipmunks? Striped bacon seeds?
Right here in black and white
Noxious Weed control, place flowers indoors for enjoyment, and they will not reproduce.
silly Goose!
STRANGE Sleeping position!
red skunk? is that even a thing?

I capture some really interesting photos as the year goes on. Some are inside jokes, but some are just back yard interesting.

Close up?
I got my skunks in a row. Cinder, Phera, Matilda, and Nola
Of course our cows have names! And we know every one.
Booties! This is extremely hard shot to get of these cattle. They simply don’t allow you to get behind them.
I’m pretty sure that turkey isn’t going to fit in the nest box.
This is a 7 day old calf embryo. under high power magnification, and zoomed in on my camera. They are quite tiny!
There’s no sneaking up on the pigs. They seem to know when I’m going to walk by.
That distance between the belly and the ground is tasteless, and doesn’t weigh much.
good dog?
I believe this speaks for itself
Something I don’t have much of.