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Heritage Pork

Minneosta rasied corn and soy free while free to range from birth

Heritage Grassfed Beef!

Purchase with Confidence! We are AGA (American Grassfed Association) Certified 100% Grassfed and Finished Beef

Cock-a-doodle-do! We have Chicken and Eggs for YOU!

Minnesota Pastured + Corn and Soy Free


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Happy Calm cattle = finest quality meat!

100% grassfed and finished beef.  We raise an ancient breed called British White Cattle. They have a unique history, and they are incredible at the table! Part of the reason they are so highly prized.

At the Ranch, their accomodations include:

1. Natural Shelter belts for the Minneosta elements.

2. Room to Express their natural behaviors

3. A Supplement of hay as needed year-round

4. Onsite manager to meet any need the herd has.

5. Beef Quality Assurance certified, we take meat quality and animal welfare seriously!

We have a close and unique relationship with our cattle. We honor our cattle as family. And look after them to the best of our ability. Some have a special place in our hearts. They are as sweet and kind as we are to them. Hailey occasionally takes one for a ride instead of her horse.
Hailey “horses” around with her cow Flo.
Ashley helped us get started in pigs in 2008. She has a soft spot for them! Due to my own food issues, we developed a corn and soy free ration that we have worked on to perfect over several years. The pork that results is excellent quality. Pork that has the flavor and enjoyability that is still this affordable is tough to come by. Customers with corn and/ or soy allergies or suffer from FPIES sometimes react thru the meat to the what the animal ate. We discovered this in 2010, and have worked to produce pork that everyone can enjoy!
Ashley and Hailey show off the little pigs they caught playing in the yard.

We raise a variety of breeds including Berkshire, Tamworth, and Premium pigs from the Mangalitsa breed.

lambs in tall grass

Jamin’ with Lambs

We have chosen the Katahdin breed of sheep for our lamb. We partner with a friend who has the facilities and know how to produce the lambs. We get the lambs at weaning and finish them in our program. We feed them for about 8 months to get them of a size that gives a great eating experience.

What is ROSE VEAL?

We eat young pork, young sheep, and young chicken. All at the age they reach puberty when they are the perfect mix of tender and rich flavored. Rose Veal is the equivelant of these, but in BEEF.

I had a distaste for the way conventional veal was produced. So, I did my research on the subject, and found that ROSE Veal is Grassfed Veal. Raised naturally, on the cow. That’s something I can do, and I can sleep with a clear concience. Our Rose Veal calves have a great life, and are the 9-13 month old version of 100% certified grassfed beef. There is less fat, and the meat is pink instead of rich red because young animals do not process iron in their body yet at that age. If we want to be sustainable farming, we need to do better and eat more rose veal. It is slightly more expensive than finished beef, as you’d expect, but the quality is well worth the minimal extra cost. Look for steaks that are about the same size as a mature beef, and all other similar cuts. I also read that veal is a healthier choice than chicken and mature beef. It will not weigh you down after eating either.

lambs in tall grass

Pictured is the size of animal we harvest for veal. They are NOT younger than 9 months of age.