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About Our life as Minnesota Farm-Her's

We were born with a passion for animals!

Hi! I’m Christina, and this is my daughter Hailey. We are the faces of Grillin Meats and Rolling Hills Cattle Company.

Here I will share a little about us and our passion for raising animals as Minnesota Farm-her’s.

At the ripe age of 2 my family and I made the move to my great-grandparents house to live. Part of the privilege of being next door to grandpa’s farm was being able to go with dad to the farm to help feed the calves. When I wasn’t raising cane in grandma’s house.

Ah-Ha Moment

Little did I know at that time, I was going to live in that house, then become a Minnesota farm-her/ rancher myself. A simple attraction to white cattle that I couldn’t explain haunted me until 1997 when I was introduced to the beautiful and unique allure of the British White Cattle.

An Ah-ha moment that I have appreciated since that day, I still get giddy when I look out the window every morning and see my beloved herd roaming the pastures. This is one of the things that makes us Minnesota farm-her’s smile!

Raising my family with this privilege has been indescribable, challenging, and perfect at many levels. We work tirelessly to produce the meats from pasture to plate, for us and you!

From the Ground UP

Our beef doesn't magically appear on our plate, your's doesn't either.  Our beef grows in a pasture, not a lab. It starts with soil, and all of the complexities that live within it. The grass that grows in that soil is 50% above ground, and 50% below it. So while our...

Apple n Pork Chops

Apple n Pork Chops

While the grill may be a bit buried in storage this week you might find firing up the oven a good way to warm your home, heart and stomach! INGREDIENTS 4 hearty portions 3 Tbsp olive oil (or bacon fat) divided16-24 oz bone-in pork chops whatever with comfortably fit...

Why Corn and Soy Free?

Why Corn and Soy Free?

While the debate rages on, I went corn and soy free to our animals years ago. Why? It started out as a simple issue for myself. I got a terrible gut ache from eating pork. Didn't matter if it was bacon, sausage, or ribs. I was miserable. The length of time I felt bad...

The “nuts and bolts” of Grassfed

The “nuts and bolts” of Grassfed

The number one question people ask is "Is your beef 100% grassfed AND grass finished?" My short answer is "YES!" The long answer is much more fulfilling! COMMITTENT: I made a commitment to myself and our cow herd in 2009 that they would no...

Meet Hailey

Hailey has had the privilege of growing up on the ranch, and she started her micro farm with chickens at age 12. She has grown pretty fond of the poultry, and when she’s not fussing over their nests and nutrition needs, you may find her preparing the eggs for market, or spending her time with a favorite beef animal, or on her horses.

Hailey manages the ranch when I’m away at the farmer’s market, making deliveries, or taking care of business for the ranch.

Hailey loves the animals, maybe not the pigs, but she hasn’t turned down bacon very often, so I guess there’s a place in her heart for them too.

The beautiful clan

Along with Hailey, my clan has a few more faces too. My daughters, Rebecca, and Ashley (sil Brandon), and 4 sweet little boys. While these ladies have both grown and started their own lives, they come around often and love to lend a hand to play with little pigs, feed livestock while I’m away, ‘out of commission’, or just to expose the grand children to farming.

I might rope them into helping gather cows too on occasion, but they jump right in when a package of jerky appears ~ for some reason 🙂

Regenerate, Restore, Regain.
This is powerful stuff. Restoring land that conventional farming practices have drained.

Regenerating and stimulating the land to heal, and rebuild the microbiology that feeds the soil.

Regaining the ecosystem that once fed many wild animals, and now feeds our livestock that replace the effects that the buffalo once had on the land.

Sequestering carbon, water holding, nutrient building, and preventing desertification to name a few. What I do as a Minnesota farm-her is so complex the description is much too long to write.