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About Our life as Minnesota Farm-Her's

We were born with a passion for animals!

Hi! I’m Christina, and this is my daughter Hailey. We are the faces of Grillin Meats and Rolling Hills Cattle Company.

Here I will share a little about us and our passion for raising animals as Minnesota Farm-her’s.

At the ripe age of 2 my family and I made the move to my great-grandparents house to live. Part of the privilege of being next door to grandpa’s farm was being able to go with dad to the farm to help feed the calves. When I wasn’t raising cane in grandma’s house.

Ah-Ha Moment

Little did I know at that time, I was going to live in that house, then become a Minnesota farm-her/ rancher myself. A simple attraction to white cattle that I couldn’t explain haunted me until 1997 when I was introduced to the beautiful and unique allure of the British White Cattle.

An Ah-ha moment that I have appreciated since that day, I still get giddy when I look out the window every morning and see my beloved herd roaming the pastures. This is one of the things that makes us Minnesota farm-her’s smile!

Raising my family with this privilege has been indescribable, challenging, and perfect at many levels. We work tirelessly to produce the meats from pasture to plate, for us and you!

Building on a tradition

While farming has changed dramatically in the last 20 years, there are parts that stand the test of time. Production of food is done by fewer and fewer people every year. Making the meager few need to do more and more. Some things still need to be done the traditional...

Survival to Thriving

Back in the early 2010's we met a family desperate for safe food for their child. With literally 1 safe food, the child suffered from 'failure to thrive' due to a condition called FPIES (food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome). In laymen's terms, basically...

30 Below

If you think its all green grass and flowers here, you maybe didn't realize we live in MINNESOTA! While living in Minnesota has it's perks, like lack of hurricanes, and no heat waves that last for months, we do have other perks like frozen waterers, toes, and noses...

Meet Christina

As a single mom, I raised my daughters to have a passion for life and find their happiness in whatever they do.  I have always had the bug to raise cattle. Noone could keep me out of the barn from an early age. 

Watching my elders practice regenerative methods 40 years ago, I grew up with an appreciation for the land, and how we treat it. 

This grew into a little beef business that I have nurtured to also keep this rare, and extremely tasty breed of cattle flourishing. I have grown in understanding of cattle instincts, which has developed my teaching to others as well. 

Christina spends hours each day helping others, teaching, and consulting on natural practices, regenerative methods, and ways we can make our land and animals happier, healthier, and long productive.

The beautiful clan

Along with Hailey (Mitch), my clan has a few more faces too. My daughters, Rebecca (sil Evan), and Ashley (sil Brandon), and 5 sweet little boys. While these ladies have grown and started their own lives, they come around often and love to lend a hand to play with little pigs, feed livestock while I’m away, ‘out of commission’, or just to expose the grand children to farming.

I might rope them into helping gather cows too on occasion, but they jump right in when a package of jerky appears ~ for some reason 🙂

Regenerate, Restore, Regain.
This is powerful stuff. Restoring land that conventional farming practices have drained.

Regenerating and stimulating the land to heal, and rebuild the microbiology that feeds the soil.

Regaining the ecosystem that once fed many wild animals, and now feeds our livestock that replace the effects that the buffalo once had on the land.

Sequestering carbon, water holding, nutrient building, and preventing desertification to name a few. What I do as a Minnesota farm-her is so complex the description is much too long to write.