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Bundle quantity and the special price are in RED.

 CSA: for each $500 CSA you buy, get 6 pounds of Ground BEEF or PORK on the spot. (if you just bought a CSA in Late NOV, you will get a credit to get these items.)


in amounts of $25, $50, $100

Give the gift of great food to someone you love. For every $100 certificate you buy you will get 1 pound of ground beef or pork as my “Thank You”



12+ pound box of various organ meats, including Pork hearts, liver, damaged packages of usda meats. dehydrate them and give the treats to your dog.

Cat’s like raw meats too. They will gobble up any tidbits they can get. Ours love them.

BEEF: price/lb
90+% Lean Ground Beef  2 for 21 10 for 90  (8/ lb with 40 or more)

Ground Beef Patties  13 (2 lb is 25)
Stew meat  13

ROASTS  10  (80 for 10# or take 100# for 700)

Chuck, arm, rump
Round, sirloin tip

Prime Rib  30 (28/ lb on the small ones, 27 a pound on the big ones)

STEAKS  15 (applies to lean stock for sous vid or to slow cook)

T-bone w/TL
NY Strip
Sirloin Tip
Round (not tenderized) or Tenderized

Tenderloin 46
Beef Ribs 8 (large racks 6-11 pounds)

Suet/ tallow 10
Neck Bones 7.5
Knuckle Bones 7.5
Heart/Tongue 9
Liver 7

BUNDLES Price/ bundle in the package
1/8 beef (50 lb) 500
¼ beef (100 lb) 10.25/ lb*
½ beef (200 lb) 10/ lb*
Rose Veal for March, April and May processing $14/ lb* in the package 

*boxed price, includes standard processing which is currently about 1.90/ lb on the packaged weight. If prices of processing increase in March, we will adjust accordingly to cover those expenses. Cattle prices are expected to go much higher, we cannot sell for under market price. We will stay competitive with the USDA Grassfed Beef market.

PORK~ Mangalitsa

Ground 11
Chops 14 (10 lbs or more $13/ lb)
Pork Loin Roast 14 (limited supply)
Roasts 14  (3-6 pounds each)
HAM /Ham Steak
Fresh Ham
Boston Butt 14 (2-3 pound roast $13 a pound)
Italian Ground 13 sold out
Ribs (Spare) 8 limited supply
Country Ribs 14 sold out
Sirloin Steak 14 (13/lb thick fat cap included)
Bacon 21
Side Pork sold out
Whole Fresh Belly 20
Smoked Hocks 7.5 (6.5/lb)
Fresh Hocks 6 (limited supply) Bones 4
Tallow/ Fat 6 (25/ bag ~makes 1/2 gallon) (other large bags $4.50/ lb bags may contain 10+ lbs)
Rendered Lard in tubs 15
Heart/ Tongue 3 ea
Liver 2 ea (pork liver is very good, it’s often overlooked. Its tender, and tasty)
Half Hog 14.5/lb*
NON SMOKED Half Hog (fresh belly, hocks, and ham) $14/ lb
*boxed price, includes standard processing and smoking of ham and bacon (seasoned sausage not included)

Chicken Price/ lb (2022 stock)

Chicken Whole 7.5 (sold out)
White Meat split half 13

Dark Meat Split half 13

SOUP PACKS 3.5+ lbs $18

Backs/necks 5.5
Stew Hens (coming in December)
SM 12 ea
LG 15 ea
Chicken Feet  7.5
Hearts pk 10 ea (sold out)
Gizzards ~1# pk 5 ea Big Packs 4+ lbs $20 ea
Liver ~1# pk 5 ea Big Packs 4+ lbs $20 each

DUCK Whole 15/lb

TURKEY Whole 8/ lb

GOOSE Whole 15/ lb IF over 10 lbs are 14/ lb (limited supply remains)

GUINEA Whole 8 (sold out)

Chicken Eggs $10/ dozen

Duck Eggs $15/ Dozen

Goose Eggs out of season

Turkey Eggs out of season

Guinea Eggs out of season

Lamb Prices/ lb

1/2 Lamb $16/ lb 

Chops 30 
Steak 22 
Loin Roast Crown Roast w/ribs 30

Lamb Shoulder 22 ($20/ lb special price)
Ground Lamb 22
Stew 25
Ribs 10
Shanks 15
Bones 5

Lamb Bacon $65/ lb

Heart or Tongue 2ea
Liver 10

 Our Own Smoke House Products:

Beef Jerky $60/ lb or $4 per ounce

Snack Stix $15/ pk (3 for $40 or 10 packs for $125) mini packs $10/ pk or 11 for $100
Flavors: Snack Sticks, (Beef) Garlic, Jalapeno Cheddar, Honey BBQ, Teriyaki, Cheddar

Brats: 6 per pack 19-21 oz packages
Regular 17
Cheddar 17 sold out
Wild Rice 17 sold out
Polish 17 sold out
Country Breakfast Brat 17

Sausages 16 oz packages $13/ pk
Country Patties sold out
Smoked Pork Links sold out
Fresh Pork Links

Summer Sausage 16 oz $15
Cotto Salami 16 oz $15
Beef + Pork

Wieners (Beef) 16 oz 15/ pack
Hot Dogs (beef+ pork) 16 oz 15/ pk sold out

Ring Bologna (Beef) $8 ea sold out

NO NITRATES, OR MSG. Most are also dairy free, no gluten, no corn, no soy. Please see labels for individual product ingredients.

ALL BUNDLES ON SPECIAL… mix n match Buy 2 or more and get additional discounts

17+ POUND STEAKS Box $400 (save $100 or more) only a few of these available. Contains a variety of Ribeyes, NY Strip, Flat Iron, Tenderloin, Sirloin, Sirloin Tip, May also contain Skirt, Hanger, or Flank

Grab-n-Go Sampler 8+ lbs 80
2 ground beef, 1 bf Roast, 1 pack chops, 1 pack chicken legs

The Crock Potter 10+ lbs 85 
1 beef roast, 1 pork Roast, 1 soup pack chicken

The Easy Win 3+ lbs 42
1 pk Brat, 1 Pk Hotdogs, 1 Summer Sausage

The Loins Combo 3+ lbs 55
1 Steak, 1 pork chop pk, 1 lamb chop pk

The Pasture BBQ ~5 lbs 45
1 Spare Ribs, 1 Short Ribs, 1 Chicken Wings

Bundle-de-Moo ~9 lbs 75
Steak, Roast, Stew, Ground, Soup Bone

Bundle-de-Squeal 8+ lbs 100
Chops, Roast, Ground, Ribs, Brat

Bundle-de-Cluck 8+ lbs 75
Legs, Breast, Wings, Stock Bones