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This is a generic List of ALL  of
the meats raised on my farm. And what we are charging per pound

General Overview of our Product Prices


ALL of our meats are 100% USDA or Mn E-2 inspected and meet all of the requirements for wholesale or retail sales. We are licensed as a retail mobile food handler in Minnesota by the MDA.

To ensure food safety we follow the guidelines set forth by the USDA and MDA to bring you safe food for your family.

Our meats are subject to additional random in plant inspection and testing. To bring another layer of food safety to you.



Return policies.

Grillin Meats takes great pride in producing and offering the finest meats available.  Because the products we offer are perishable, we are not able to accept returns.

Unlike items that have a longer shelf life, perishable items that leave our control cannot be restocked or resold. When purchasing at retail locations such as the farm store or farmer’s market, you are selecting the items in your shoping cart and are responsible for them after you leave our stall or farm.

Please review your order and corresponding receipt carefully and if any changes need to be made, email grillinmeats@gmail.com immediately for correction.

If a shipped order is returned to us because of an incorrect address, provided, or refusal of delivery when shipped accoring to our terms and conditons, we must dispose of the contents and you will not be refunded.

If Grillin Meats makes an error and ships the wrong item or incorrect quantity, Grillin Meats will either correct or refund the difference.

We make every effort to ensure timely delivery of our supurb products and thank you for doing business with us.

RETAIL Order Change Policies:

We accept order changes up to 24 hours before delivery or shipping. Changes include adding items, deselection of items for all retail products. This may adjust your shipping cost, which is based on the actual weight shipped.


DEPOSITS on bulk orders

Once retaining deposit is submitted, no refunds will be issued. A lot of work and time goes into finishing your beef, pork and poultry. As well as planning with butchers for processing. If you have any questions call us at 320-293-2995


BEEF: price/lb   ***price sheet beef for 2024***
Ground Beef  11.50
Extra Lean Ground Beef 12.50

2 lb pack 87/13- 80/20 Ground Beef Patties  26
Stew meat  14


Chuck, arm, rump
Round, sirloin tip

Brisket 16
Tri Tip 22
Prime Rib  30
Strip Loin  25.75


Ribeye (boneless) 36
Rib steak 30
Sirloin 22
T-bone w/TL 25.50
Chuck Eye 22.50
Flank 22.50
Skirt 22.50
Hanger 22.50
Sirloin Tip 16.50
Round 15.50
Flat Iron 31

Tenderloin 47
Beef Ribs 11
Short ribs 11
Korean Cut Ribs 12

Suet/ tallow 10.50
Neck Bones 14/ pk
Meaty soup bones $9/ lb
Knuckle Bones 15/ pk
Heart/Tongue 9.50
Liver 9.50

BUNDLES Price/ bundle
10 ground 105
20 lb mixed box 350 (steaks, roasts, stew, ground and 1 soup bone)  
1/8 beef (50 lb) 680
¼ beef (100 lb) 11.50/ lb*
½ beef (200 lb) 11.50/lb*

5 lbs farmers choice of steaks 130


*boxed price, includes standard processing

*unless indicated per package*

Ground 1 lb pack 10

Stew/ Kebab cuts 13
Brisket 17

Chuck/ Shoulder 12
Arm 12


Skirt 25
Hanger 25
Flank 25
Tri-Tip Sirloin 25
Sirloin Tip 20
Cutlets 15
Sirloin 25
NY Strip Chop 25
Rib Chop 32
T-Bone Chop 28
Fillet Minion 60

Ribs 12
Suet 10
Neck Bones 12/ pk
Broth Bones 12/ pk
Heart 15 ea
Tongue 15 ea
Kidneys 8
Liver 15

Half Veal 10/ lb packaged weight
est 100 lbs per half


PORK~ Mangalitsa 2021

Ground 11
Chops 14.5
Pork Loin Roast 14.5
Roasts 14.5
HAM /Ham Steak 15
Fresh Ham 15.5
Boston Butt 14.5
Italian Ground 13
Ribs (St Louis Style) 8
Country Ribs 14.5
Bacon 22
Side Pork 20
Whole Fresh Belly 20
Smoked Hocks 18 ea
Fresh Hocks 14 ea

Bones 5
Tallow/ Fat 6
Rendered Lard 1.5 lb pk 20  2 lb pack 25
Heart/ Tongue 3 ea
Liver 5 ea
Half Hog 14.5 /lb*

*boxed price, includes standard processing and smoking of ham and bacon (seasoned sausage not included)

Chicken Price/ lb (2023 stock beginning July 1)

Chicken Whole 8.5
White Meat split half 13

Dark Meat Split half 15

Backs/necks 20/ pk
Stew Hens
SM 13 ea
LG 18 ea
Chicken Feet 8
Hearts pk 20 ea
Gizzards pk 10 ea
Liver pk 10 ea
Skins 15

DUCK Whole 15/ lb

TURKEY Whole 9/ lb

Dark Meat Quarter 10

White Meat Quarter 10

GOOSE Whole 15/ lb

GUINEA Whole (none in 2023)

Chicken Eggs $10/ dozen

Duck Eggs $15/ Dozen

Goose Eggs $6 ea  (Feb-June) None in 2023

Turkey Eggs $2 ea (none in 2023)

Guinea Eggs $10/ dozen (none in 2023)

Lamb Prices/ lb

Whole Lamb 3.25/ live pound  DIY processing at the farm.

Chops 30
Steak 25
Loin Roast w/ribs 30
Leg-o-lamb 22
Lamb Shoulder 22
Ground Lamb 25    
Stew 25
Ribs 15
Shanks 15
Bones 7
Heart or Tongue 2 ea (more than 1 per pack)
Liver 10

Kidneys .75 each

Whole Lamb $16.50 a lb average 38-55 lbs each

DIY lamb $5/ live pound


Our Own Smoke House Products:

Beef Jerky $4/ oz

Snack Stix $15/ approx 8 -9 oz pk
Flavors: (Beef) Regular, Jalapeno Cheddar, Cheddar, Garlic

Brats: 5-6 per pack 19-24 oz packages
Regular 18
Cheddar 18
Wild Rice 18
Polish 18
Country Breakfast Brat 18
Jalapeno Cheddar 18

Sausages 16 oz packages $13/ pk
Country Patties
Smoked Pork Links
Fresh Pork Links

Summer Sausage 14-18 oz $16
Beef only
Cotto Salami 15-19 oz $16
Beef + Pork

Wieners (Beef) 15-18 oz 16/ pack
Hot Dogs (beef+ pork) 15-18 oz 16/ pk

Ring Bologna (Beef) Sold Out

NO NITRATES, OR MSG. Most are also dairy free, no gluten, no corn, no soy. Please see labels for individual product ingredients.

Grab-n-Go Sampler (sold out)
2 ground beef, 1 bf Roast, 1 pack chops, 1 white meat quarters chicken

Sampler Trio 65
1 beef roast, 1 pork Roast, 1 soup pack chicken

The Easy Win 40
1 pk Brat, 1 Pk Hotdogs, 1 Summer Sausage

Bundle-de-Moo 75
Steak, Roast, Stew, Ground, Soup Bone

Bundle-de-Squeel 65
1 pk chops, 1 roast, 1 ground