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Shoulder Chuck Young Beef


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The REAL DEAL is Rose Veal! 100% grassfed till processing day. 


About 3 pound roast. To order larger roasts, please contact us!

Rose Veal is more sustainable, takes less time, feed resources, water, and pasture to get to 9-14 months of age vs a mature beef that is typically 22-30 months of age

What is Rose Veal? How do WE do it? 

By definition, and in a perfect world, rose veal is raised naturally, a cow with her natural calf at side, living the life born on our green grass pastures in May to July, during the warm months. Then living free until they are over half the size of their mother 6-10 months later, when they are brought in, and in as many cases as possible taken to the processor straight off the cow. They never have time to miss the cow, or wonder what’s going on. The cow doesn’t know where it went, and by that time she is ready to say ‘good riddance’. As she is working to support the next calf she will produce in a few months.

At the end of 2020 we had some really good weather, and most of the calves were doing extremely well. We weaned our calves earlier than usual (6-7 months old) because we were concerned about if weather got bad the stress on some of the mothers and some calves would be too great. We weaned all of the calves as we normally would a couple months later (February or March). While we like to take calves directly to our processor, in a perfect world, that’s what we do, this year, we have them already weaned, and they are growing exceptionally well on their own. The milk influence is gone, but that doesn’t take anything away from the healthy growing calves and quality of sweet and tasty rose veal they will provide. 

Being a farmer, I am not just looking at the meat side of the business like a grocer may. I am the producer, and the humane side is very important to me also! I’m thankful you support our young chicken, turkey, lamb, and pork production also. Our young Rose Veal Beef production is along those same lines, in the most sustainable way to produce quality meats. 


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