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Rocky Mountain Oysters (testicles) beef or lamb


Price per each, most packages are 2 or more.

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2 Testicles per package options are Veal, Beef, and Lamb

A long time tradition of the cowboys during calf working season would harvest in a bucket the testes as they were pulled from calves during branding season. In the modern day, they are harvested off non-castrated young bulls in the USDA plant. They are like most organ meats, rich in nutrients, and a little like liver in texture. The flavor is more mid. They can be grilled, pan fried, baked, and a dozen other ways. of course the cowboys usually fried them, and a good chance it was on the branding fire.

Testicles can weigh 5-6 ounces up to 1.25 lbs each. depending on the size of the bull harvested.

If you are an organ meats fan, give these gems a try.

We also have them in Lamb!


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