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Roasting Hog (whole, skin on)


To get a roasting hog I need some information from you.

  1. party size
  2. date
  3. deposit
  4. pick up location

It takes about 1 pound of hog per person so a 50 person party needs a 50 lb hog. which would be about 70 lbs live weight.

I must schedule the processing at least 1-6 weeks in advance. The processing cost is added to the amount due if I am transporting the pig.

Cost of hog.
The minimum cost per pig is $250 regardless of size
$6.50 a pound for pigs under 100 lbs live.
$5.50 a pound for all pigs over 100 lbs live.
Processing is around $55. I charge $20 for picking up the pig and transporting it. You can pick up the pig if you wish.

I do not always have all sizes available. A pig may require being frozen whole and stored until needed. Yes, you can do this.
To reserve a pig, send $250 deposit to us via mail. See our refund policy on our Price Sheet page on this website.


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