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Premium Side Pork (like bacon)


Mangalitsa Thick cut side pork is a preferred cut of fresh pork belly! get some now! about 1 pound per package

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Mangalitsa pork, side pork is thick cut, NO Seasoning Added! It’s straight up sliced Pork Belly (the same part of the pig that is bacon, but has NO seasoning added). It’s well balanced, and perfect in any dish, or fried, baked, or even just warmed a little! You will distinctly taste the difference!
1 ingredient… Pork

Packages are roughly 1-1.5 pound. Ends and pieces available.

This is a high fat meat ideal for paleo, Keto, or carnivore dieters. If you have food allergies, this is a 1 ingredient item, and when properly prepared, ideal for a fat source for histamine intolerant folks, even some people with autoimmune disorders have tolerated this side pork cut. If you eat soy free, take a look at this cut!


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