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Premium Pork Tallow


10 lb bag makes about 1 gallon of lard

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In Europe the big thing is this pork tallow. They grind then whip it, it comes out tasting just like whipped butter. Now before your mind goes elsewhere, realize that if you are dairy intolerant, or allergic, this is a great find! We have been raised for generations that fat is bad, those who do Ketogenic, Paleo, and even carnivore, have certain autoimmune disorders, have found this product to be a life saver! The fat is a hard white fat, and stores well. It comes in a fresh state, ready to render. 5 or 10 lb bags. each 10 lbs makes about a gallon of lard. Use in Biscuits, pie crust, or other baking or frying and find out how smooth and tasty this fat really is!


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