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Premium Mangalitsa whole hog 2024



Final PRICE is $15 per pound in the package. Reserve cost is $400 per half, pay the balance at pick up.

I pay Processing which includes smoking of ham and bacon. There is a $.10/ lb discount if you take your ham, and bacon fresh as side pork.


There simply is no better pork. 100% corn/soy free raised on pasture, and fed a special ration to be sure they get all of the micro nutrients they need to be healthy and grow properly.

I raise hogs because I have an allergy to conventional pork. Everyone benefits from our amazing program that takes the world’s best pork breed, and makes the optimal product.

WARNING! If you want “lean” pork, this is NOT for you! Taste a package before you commit to a large order. This meat is fabulous, and the fat is the grand prize!

Reinventing fat as a staple food, essential for good health, Mangalitsa from Grillin Meats is exactly what is not only trending, but the staple of the meal.


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