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Premium Pork Shoulder Roast aka Boston Butt


Mangalitsa pork roast that make your mouth water! Heritage pigs, corn and soy free fed, raised 100% on pasture. They are HAPPY happy, delicious pigs!



2-3 lb packages of Amazing Pastured Mangalitsa Pork! Fresh cut pork roast are generally your boston butt or shoulder roast they now have the perfect portion of Yummy fat on them! Approx 2.5-3 lb or 3.4 lb roast size. Each package serves 3 per pound.Leave the fat on this roast! The fat is incredible! Yummy!

Did you know: our pork is raised without corn or soy? This gives our pork a distinct flavor that is totally unlike conventional pork!

TIP:The secret to making mouth watering pork is to give the seasoning mix of Blum Loco pork seasoning a try. They feature smoked seas salt, in with their mix. While it’s a very low percentage of salt, it’s incredible flavor! Use about 1 tsp per pound of meat.


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