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Pastured Heritage Turkey 2024 Ordering


DEPOSIT is $75


TIP: Figure 1/3- 1/2 lb of pre-cooked bird per person

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Pastured Heritage TURKEY PRINCIPALS:

While we recognize that the commodity system of mass produced poultry is there for the masses, including big chain stores and even some of your local co-ops, the movement to awareness of both animal welfare, and how our animals fit into our eco-system have led to a strong demand for poultry raised with positive principals.

Our Turkeys are raised on my pastures from day-old poults, and fed a corn/ soy free organic ration just like our chickens! This is a less streamlined way of production, with labor done by hand in small groups. We have our birds frozen in October, before the weather is unsuitable for them to be outdoors in our Minnesota weather. (a skinny bird is a dry cooked bird, and we surely would rather your Grillin Meats bird be both flavorful and Juicy!)

Take the virtual tour of our small scale turkey production venture here: https://issuu.com/starpublications/docs/canov19

Happy Heritage Turkeys graze our rotational pasture while contributing to the improvement of soil fertility and at the same time, soil carbon sequestration the same way my grandparents did over 70 years ago. These birds are heritage breeds, and grow slower. We must start them earlier, and they will be smaller at the time of processing. This will be our first year offering them, we are a little unsure what to expect.

TURKEY DEPOSIT for Whole Bird $75 non-refundable. $8.75/ lb Is 2024 price. LESS YOUR DEPOSIT. Deposit applies March – October

BE SURE TO GET ON OUR EMAIL LIST “Fan club and Updates” FOR 2024. announcements are in EVERY issue once birds are harvested in October. Simply respond to that email a day before you wish to pick up your bird so I bring the right one. Include the location you will meet me. Locations are in every email.

Balance will be due at pick up. We require the deposit so we can purchase the poults, starter feed, and pay the processing expenses, we only raise what we have pre-ordered by MARCH 20.

Plus a few extras because we GUARANTEE delivery of your bird! We will sell the extras first come first served when they are done.

Processing October, 2024.

Pick up after date tba.

Bird sizes: Please indicate your preference in your notes on your order!

EST. Small 10-16 pounds

EST. Large 16-19 lbs

EST. Extra Large 20-25 lbs

Happy Holidays!



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