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Pastured Guinea Eggs


One Dozen (1/2 dozens may be available)

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One Dozen pastured guinea eggs from our own flock of guinea foul.

A little about Guinea foul:
Guinea’s are considered a french breed of foul, but they actually are a wild bird from Africa. They lay somewhat seasonally. Being non-native to our humid and cold climate they can be a little harder to keep, they are also very flighty and wild like if not hand/ coop raised. They can be many colors, and have a very unique call that I love!

They give back a little with these delicious little eggs that are mostly yolk and little white. If you are sensitive to egg white, these might be for you. The shell is hard, and they are brown or can have speckles. They are pointy on one end and the size of a pullet egg, but can be larger depending on the hen.
Farmer’s like them as they are good foragers, and can fend for themselves. They need a little human intervention to discourage them from sleeping in the trees making them susceptible to predation by owls and eagles.


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