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Local Minnesota pastured LARGE Duck 2024


3-5 lbs each please send a note of preferred size with order


Local Minnesota pastured Duck. 3- 5 pounds **PRICE PER POUND*** $18

There’s something to sink your teeth into!

Much like our Pastured Chicken, we also raise a few ducks.

Give a duck a try. Whole bird over 5 lbs each. They are great grilled. place in a foil pan, grill 325 degrees for 1.5 hours. when skin is crispy its done. use the duck fat to make sauces. YUM! There’s hundreds of recipes online too!

Duck costs about 12 each just to process. They are a specialty animal that take a long time to grow up and be ready for eating. Quality meats are sooo good! Enjoy one of these tasty ducks this season!


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