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Grain finished beef 1/4 **corn/soy free



PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! We market with honesty! Pasture raised beef, fed up to 30% of their diet as grain.

Corn and Soy Free Grain finished Beef  Reserve is $500 PER quarter.

If you wish to have items outside our standard cut, please contact us before the day before the slaughter date above.

Standard Cut 1/4 BEEF and approximate size: ** count may vary if steak thickness, or roast size is different than noted.
Chuck Roasts 2-3# 4-5 total
Beef Roasts 2-3#  2-3 total
Round Roasts 2-3# 2-3 total
Rump Roasts 2-3# 1-2 total
Sirloin Tip Roast 2-3# 1 total
Brisket 5-11# (varies by beef) 1/2 per quarter beef
T-Bone steak with tenderloin cut 3/4″ 1/pk 6-7 total
Bone-In Ribeye steak cut 3/4″ 1/pk 6-8 total
Sirloin Steak cut 3/4″ 1/pk 3 total
Hanger Steak 1/ half
Skirt Steak 1/ half
Flank Steak 1/ half
Beef Ribs (short or long cut) 2#/ pk 1-2 total
Soup Bones (neck bones) 2-3#/ pk 2-3 total
Knuckle Bones 2-3#/ pk ~Optional up to 20 lbs per 1/4 beef
Suet 2-5 lbs (varies by beef, not guaranteed to have any)
Heart, Liver, tongue (offal) OPTIONAL please request what you would like before cutting day.
Ground 1# packages 45-50 (varies by beef)
Other cuts may include Flat Iron Steak, NY Strip steak, Tenderloin steak, Chuck Eye Steak, Sirloin Tip Steak, Round Steak*

*These cuts may reduce the number of other cuts on the list as they are cut from the same part of the animal.

Total 1/4 cow weight of packaged beef is approx 95-100 lbs
Your total will be $11.50/ lb less the reserve payment. I pay the processing (about $175-220 per quarter)

PLEASE NOTE: any beef not picked up within 10 days of your notification will be considered abandoned and you WILL loose your deposit.

Please see our terms for bulk ordering at https://grillinmeats.com/meat-price-sheet/



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