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January 2023 Grassfed Beef Deposit


Deposit required!  Final cost is $8/ lb

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Slaughter date January 2023     100% Certified Grassfed Beef  Final cost is $10 per pound

You’ve been eating on your tasty produce, and other items you have stock piled, but when you open the freezer there’s getting to be a bigger and bigger gap. That’s always a great feeling, but also unnerving. Planning to restock? Let’s get started!  Your grassfed beef at the very best price we can offer. You’ll have steaks on hand when those nice days tempt you to use your grill!

If you wish to have items outside our standard cut, please contact us by the day before the slaughter date.

Steaks will be cut approx 1″ thick. unless specified.

  • Standard Cut with size:
    Chuck Roasts 2-3# 4-5 total
    Beef Roasts 2-3#  2-3 total
    Round Roasts 2-3# 2-3 total
    Rump Roasts 2-3# 1-2 total
    Sirloin Tip Roast 2-3# 1 total
    Brisket 3-7# (varies by beef) 1/2 per quarter beef
    Or instead of Brisket: Tri Tip as steak or roast 1.5-2# total
    T-Bone steak with tenderloin 1/pk 6-7 total
    Bone-In Ribeye steak 1/pk 6-8 total
    Sirloin Steak 1/pk 3 total
    Hanger Steak 1/ half
    Skirt Steak 1/ half
    Flank Steak 1/ half
    Beef Ribs (short or long cut) 2#/ pk 1-2 total
    Soup Bones (neck bones) 2-3#/ pk 1-2 total
    Knuckle Bones 2-3#/ pk ~Optional up to 10 lbs per 1/4 beef
    Suet 2-5 lbs
    Ground beef 1# packages 45-50 (varies by beef)

Total weight estimate 100-115 lbs They can vary from 90-130 lbs
Your total cost will be $10/ lb on the packaged weight, less the deposit payment. Your original invoice will NOT be the final cost.

New in 2022: To better serve you, Customers will be asked to always text or email 24 hours before expected pick up. And will need to use our online system to order. 


More information:

We require the deposit before your order will be guaranteed.

You have 10 days to pick up your meat.

No meat will be released till paid in full. (reserve PLUS balance due)

You can make payments on your meat ahead, you can choose to send more of your estimated total before the month of processing.

It takes about 17 days after slaughter date to allow for the dry aging, and cutting/ freezing of your meat. Your meat will be taken to our farm, and will be available for pick up, or delivery to a market drop site.

Any meat not picked up within 15 days of your call of completion date will be considered abandoned and offered to the next person on our waiting list. Please don’t loose your deposit! We know how hard you work for your money, we feel the same way!

If you need to change your month of delivery, please let us know as soon as possible! If we have someone to switch with you, we will try to help. We cannot guarantee this will happen, but we will try.


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