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Half Hog -Mangalitsa Bundle MAY 2024


Deposit cost is $400. balance is due when you pick up


Half Manglaitsa Hog
You pay on the finish weight. $15/ lb I pay processor for standard processing.

Half pastured hog will supply about 60-75 (a few will be larger) total pounds with cuts that include approximately 6-8 lbs Ground pork, 8-12 lbs of 2-3 lb roasts, 7-8 lbs of smoked bacon, 11-14 lbs of Pork Chops, 10-14 lbs of smoked ham and ham hocks, 4 lbs of soup bones, 10-15 lbs of tallow, 1.5-3 lbs of ribs, optional and encouraged to use heart, liver, tongue, kidneys.

May 2024

We have moved to Manglaitsa hogs for their superior flavor and ability to thrive in our pasture program.
Mangalitsa are a Hungarian breed of pig, prized for their buttery flavor hard white fat, and well marbled red meat. The breed history is really cool. We are really happy about the change in our breeding program to produce these pigs. We raise them on a small scale, to complement our beef.
We feel there’s enough options for people to get other common breeds of white meat pork, we don’t need to raise anything that is part of a flooded market.


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