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Grassfed Beef Rose Veal HALF



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Slaughter date January- May 2021  100% Younger Grassfed Beef  COST$11.75 PER PACKAGED POUND

Your Deposit will be the amount billed to reserve your spot. It will be taken off the final cost at delivery.

What is Rose Veal?  Rose veal is a calf that is raised to 9-14 months of age. At about 10 months of age the calf’s liver begins to process iron which makes the meat turn red. Before that it’s a pink color, kinda like pork. Because we raise our calves very naturally, ON the cow, IN a pasture, they are never confined to a cement lot where they can’t be a calf. We allow them and encourage them to eat hay, and grow as close to what nature would. A “fat fawn” is a veal deer. A common “lean hog” is a veal pig. A common chicken is a “veal chicken”, and so on. We are used to eating certain animals as “veal”. It’s time to do so with beef. If you wish to see what a “rose veal calf” looks like at our ranch, ask! I will send you a photo. They are quite large, in some cases nearly as big as their mother.

We take our production so seriously that we are continuing a product line that we hope will grow into a staple.

I don’t take these things lightly, and neither should you! I could go on about all the things we have to do to raise our grassfed and grass finished beef, but Instead, I will tell you that every beef we raise passes right through the exact stage that these animals grow through. In the exact same pastures, with the only difference being the animal’s age.

If you wish to have items outside our standard cut, please contact us by the day before the slaughter date.

  • Grassfed Beef Rose Veal Standard Cut with size:
    Chuck Roasts 2# Chuck Steak Beef Roasts 2-3#
    Sirloin Tip Steak
    Brisket 3# (varies by beef)
    T-Bone steak with tenderloin 1/pk
    Bone-In Ribeye steak 1/pk
    Sirloin Steak 1/pk
    Hanger Steak 1/ half
    Skirt Steak 1/ half
    Flank Steak 1/ half
  • Beef Ribs Full Rack 4# / pk Osso Bucco 2#
    Soup Bones (neck bones) 2-3#/ pk
    Knuckle Bones 2-3#/ pk ~Optional up to 10 lbs per 1/4 beef
    Suet 2-5 lbs
    Ground beef 1# packages 38-45 (varies by beef)

Total weight approx 110-125 lbs per half
Your total will be $11.75/ lb less the reserve payment. 1/4’s with boneless ribeye, NY, etc, you will pay an additional $.15/ lb

More info:

I want to clarify some things:

  1. IF you are paying on hanging weight from someone else, only the feed and processing is about $3 per pound. On a 700 # hanging weight beef, You also bought about 210 pounds of bones that were thrown away at $3/ lb which cost you $630. How do you feel about that?
  2. WE DO NOT SELL ON HANGING WEIGHT!!!!! We ONLY sell finished product weight, processing included. Your list of cuts above all cost you $11.75/ lb PERIOD.
  3. Delivery to a drop site is FREE. You are welcome to pick up at the farm, or processor if paid in full before I will release the meat.
  4. We only harvest animals that are at least 50% of their expected mature weight. Most are closer to 70% of mature weight.


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