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Customizable Meat CSA


Customizable meat CSA gives you a great price, and helps us make ends meet to produce it! You get first dibs on the freshest of everything we raise. How cool is that?

Grab your SMALL share for $550 or LARGE share for $1025


CSA in your own way! Fully customizable meat CSA! Your pledged support is critical to our farm.


WHY CSA?  We like the CSA because it helps us to know how much to raise. We have all up front costs that can be invested 3 years in advance (a juicy fat steak doesn’t happen in 3-5 months). Your CSA share is a great way to support us as we connect you to the best of what we raise every week, as YOU want and need it, year-round.

Step 1 Purchase your CSA share ~ It works like a pre-paid card.

Step 2 Come to the farm, or any Farmer’s Market Drop site we attend

Step 3 Stock up on any amount that suits you as often as you like.

Step 4 Save instantly with discounts off retail prices on all whole meat retail cuts. Use your share to get sausages, and other specialty items, or even bundles.


Beef: Save $2/ lb   Pork: Save $1/ lb   Poultry: Save $.50/ lb     Eggs: Save $.50/ dozen  Save instantly on other items also!

A Small share will give you about $10/ week in your budget for a year. Or about 1 lb of meat per week when you vary products A large share will give about $20/ week in your budget. or about 2 lbs per week when you vary products.

SPECIAL: Buy your share in November or December and get a gift certificate as a bonus! Makes a great gift!

Please pay by check or cash, as we wish to keep our costs as affordable as possible.


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