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Chicken CSA 2024


Get on our Waiting List for 2024 chicken CSA today. $5/ bird down payment.

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Corn and soy free chicken CSA! Minimum Order 10 birds. (1 per month) Please read all details:


When Ordering Please NOTE: Early Season pick up, Late Season pick up, As-we-go pick up.

Early season= End of July 2024 (order birds PRIOR to May 16)

Late Season= End of August (order birds PRIOR to May 31)

As-we-go pick up are available after July 20. 2024 through June 2025.

Letting me know your preferences helps me to know how many chickens to order in each batch. Chicks that come in the early season have a lower survival rate, increasing overall cost per pound.
ALL orders over 10 birds for 2023 production year need to be placed by dates above.

We cannot guarantee number of birds for retail beyond the chicken CSA. I can’t predict the price for retail. It will be adjusted when we get the birds processed. Feed prices appear stable at this time, so we expect to be close to the same as previous year.

Chicken CSA guarantees you your count of birds. You own the birds, and we are custom raising them for you!

$8.25/ lb will be the final cost for whole birds including processing and delivery to a drop site. We will subtract your pre-order payment of $5/ bird when you pick up your birds. *note: you need to pick up your birds within 11 months of the original processing date. any unclaimed birds after 11 months from processing date will be considered abandoned, and you will loose your remaining deposit.  Our pasture production includes a 9.5- 10 week old bird at about 4.3-4.7 lbs. average.  They will typically range from 3.8-6.1 pounds.

Chicken CSA CUT-UPS ***  Minimum purchase 20 birds  ***

Yes, we know some folks prefer their birds cut up. The additional cost of that service is about $1-2/ bird ($.25-.50/ lb), small amounts per package add a significant amount per order. And reduces how many birds our processor can do in a day. Sorry, Ground is NOT available. PLEASE indicate if you want your birds cut up. We will get exact preferences for packaging for those chickens.

What’s all in your whole bird? The whole birds have the neck inside.

gizzards, hearts, and liver sold separately. Feet are available. 10 per package. Not all feet pass inspection. Only the good ones are packed.



  1. our chicks come from a hatchery. and are mailed to us.
  2. we brood them for 10-20 days depending on weather.
  3. they go outside into portable “tractors” as seen in the image. This provides both predator protection, as well as protection from the sun. wind, and rain.
  4. they are moved to fresh grass at least 1 time a day. until processing.
  5. our birds are raised on a higher fiber diet that is 100% corn/ soy free. It takes 70-73 days to get to full grown which is over 20 days longer than common corn/soy fed chickens
  6. our birds are professionally processed at an inspected plant, then flash frozen and stored in our farm freezers.
  7. you can pick up birds at the farm or at any farmer’s market location we attend. Just let me know a day ahead so I bring your birds that day
  8. if you lack storage for all your birds at once, I will store them till you are ready. they must be picked up within 11 months of processing.


Chicks bulk ordered are around $2 each. (not all of them survive to processing date, so we order extras.)
Processing is $7 a bird, cut ups are more, packaging has gone up, with everything else.
Feed. Feed is relatively stable this year. Everything costs more to produce and get hauled in and mixed.
Labor, we deserve to be paid to do the work too.
My land isn’t free, the taxes, and all other associated costs. equipment, electric for brooding, and such all add up. So we are as fair as possible. We know you appreciate that too!


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