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Beef Subscription Box 10×10 lb




You will get 10 lbs per month for 10 months.

Payment will be set up as a recurring equal amount of $140 per month (You will receive a discount if picking up in person)

This bundle is equal to buying 1/4 beef.

The total of each item is listed below.

Over the course of 10 months you will get:
45 ground beef 1 pound packs
4 chuck roasts 3# each
1 round or rump roast
5 stew/kebab in 1 pound packs
6 tenderized round steaks
5 NY strip steaks
5 ribeye steaks
3 sirloin steaks
2 packs of tenderloin steaks
3 packs of sirloin tip steaks
2 packs of beef ribs
2 packs of soup bones
1/2 brisket
2 packs of flat iron steaks
1 pack of chuck eye steak
1 of either a Skirt OR Flank steak

A typical month box will include:
2 steaks, 4 ground beef, and a variety of 1 or more items to total your 10 lbs that month.

If you have a birthday month, anniversary, or family visiting and want to make sure certain items arrive in time, please let us know ahead. We will get your box special prepared for you.
You will need to fill out a questionnaire so we get those details in our order plan.


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