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April 2023 Grassfed Beef Deposit


Reserve your 1/4 grassfed Beef here.

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Slaughter date April 100% Certified Grassfed Beef FINAL COST IS $8 PER Packaged Pound

You’ve been eating on your tasty produce, and other items you have stock piled, but when you open the freezer there’s getting to be a bigger and bigger gap. That’s always a great feeling, but also unnerving. Ready to restock? Planning ahead is the best way to get grassfed beef at the very best price! You’ll have steaks on hand when those nice days tempt you to use your grill!

If you wish to have items outside our standard cut, please contact us by the day before the slaughter date.

Standard Cut with size:
Chuck Roasts 2-3# 4-5 total
Beef Roasts 2-3#  2-3 total
Round Roasts 2-3# 2-3 total
Rump Roasts 2-3# 1-2 total
Sirloin Tip Roast 2-3# 1 total
Brisket 3-7# (varies by beef) 1/2 per quarter beef OR Tri Tip
T-Bone steak with tenderloin 1/pk 6-7 total
Bone-In Ribeye steak 1/pk 6-8 total
Sirloin Steak 1/pk 3 total
Hanger Steak 1/ half
Skirt Steak 1/ half
Flank Steak 1/ half
Beef Ribs (short or long cut) 2#/ pk 1-2 total
Soup Bones (neck bones) 2-3#/ pk 1-2 total
Knuckle Bones 2-3#/ pk ~Optional up to 20 lbs per 1/4 beef
Suet 2-5 lbs (some beefs may not have extra)
Ground grassfed beef 1# packages 45-50 (varies by beef)

Total weight approx 100-125 lbs
Your total will be $8/ lb less the reserve payment.

REMEMBER! Our Grassfed Beef is always Grass Finished too!


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