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70/30 PRIME Grassfed and Grass Finished Beef September 13, 2022





PRICE is set at $11.25 per pound packaged weight. Must take mixed 1/4 animal.
Special Opportunity to get PRIME grassfed beef. Limited supply. Approximately 125 pounds take home.
Price point is reflective of the quality.

125 pounds of meat
$11.25 per pound
$1406.25 Total due

NO PROCESSING FEES. Processing cost has been paid by Grillin Meats.

What’s included…
1/2 Brisket
3-4 chuck roasts
3-4 Round Roasts or 6-8 Round Steaks
5-7 bone in Ribeyes
3 Sirloin
5-7 T-bones/ porterhouse
1 of the following Hanger, Skirt, or Flank Steak
4-6 pounds of Short Ribs
1 Sirloin Tip Roast, or 3-5 Sirloin Tip Steaks
2 packs Soup bones
1 pack beef tallow
52-55 Ground Beef
5 Stew Meat/ Kebab cuts

OPTIONAL items Upon Request. (only included if you ask for them) No substitutions can be made for optional items.
at $4 per pound
Broth Bones Knuckle Bones, Shanks, Heart, Liver, Tongue, Sweet Breads,


What makes these more valuable?

A lot goes into putting the fat in a beef. High Quality fats are the part missing in most beef. To have a GREAT eating experience we choose a fattier cut. Ribeye, etc because of the FATS. If you do Keto, Carnivore, or Paleo diet, take a look at these beefs. You can’t get this from a feedlot. What might be a small compromise in tenderness from animals that stood around and didn’t live a great life, is made up for in fats, and flavors second to none! British White beef is what beef is supposed to taste like!

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