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Premium Pastured Mangalitsa Pork

An up and coming breed of pig. The Mangalitsa ‘manga’ premium pork we have developed is light years ahead of what you can get elsewhere. 100% Corn and soy free. Our premium pork is worth way more than I’m willing to charge for it.
Prized for the buttery tasting fat and hearty meat, the Mangalitsa pigs have some unique qualities you’ll have to taste to believe. If you don’t eat fat, you might change your mind after a taste of premium pork!

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Need Shipping?

We can ship to anywhere in Minnesota, Eastern ND, SD, NE, Western WI, Iowa, Northern Illinois, MO, the UP Michigan. Via Spee Dee Delivery.

We understand that some folks may have immune disorders, or other health sensitivities and door drop is your only option. Please call us if we can help! A 7-28 lb box can be shipped for about $.50/ lb