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Thin Cut Pork Chops

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pork chops that make your mouth water! Heritage pigs, corn and soy free fed, raised 100% on pasture. They are HAPPY happy pigs!


2 count packages of Amazing Pastured Berkshire Pork! Fresh cut pork chops are 1/2″ cut to speed up cooking time and make them a smaller portion. The Chops now have the perfect portion of Yummy fat on them! Approx 7-10 oz per chop. Each package serves 2-4

Grill ready, or marinate the night before.

TIP:The secret to making mouth watering pork chops is ~ after they have been grilled, allow them 10-20 minutes to rest in a steamer on the grill or the stove top. I’m confident YOUR chops will be the talk of the neighborhood for a long time to come!


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