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Pastured Turkey 2020


TIP: Figure 1/3- 1/2 lb of pre-cooked bird per person


WAITING LIST FOR Our own fabulous pasture raised corn and soy free fed Thanksgiving Turkeys.

Later you will choose the size that best fits your needs. Our waiting list turns into Pre-orders by May 15 to get the best choice on size. Birds will be fresh frozen by our processor to retain freshness. **PLEASE JOIN OUR WAITING LIST FOR  A TURKEY FOR 2020 NOW**

Sadly, in the past we didn’t get a lot of pre-orders and I have to guess how many turkeys to raise. To curb this scenario, I STRONGLY encourage you to use this option. Get ON our waiting list for a turkey.

This waiting list guarantees you have FIRST dibs on the turkey list when we begin taking pre-orders in April 2020.

Turkey pre-orders are a $20 down payment which buys the chick, and pays the processing. I will raise your turkey to the approximate weight you desire. Most people get within 1 pound of their desired size. Your final cost will be about $5.10/ lb less the $20 down payment.

EXAMPLE: A 15 pound turkey will be $76.50 – $20 pre-order, balance due $56.50

Our most popular sizes are 12-20 pounds. Ordering turkey poults for June 1 delivery gives us enough summer and into fall to raise the birds in 1 batch to our target weight. By ordering “straight run” of poults means we don’t have them sexed by the hatchery. We are happy to have some variation in size. The Turkeys are watched  close and have reserved processing dates so we can process them when they are the perfect size.

We must plan freezer space to store them the few weeks before the holidays. Holding them into the cold fall is too hard on the birds and us. Turkeys are harvested in October when weather is still suitible for production outdoors.


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