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Pork Tallow


readily available in convenient 5 or 10 lb bags. each 10 lbs makes about 1 gallon of lard.


Pork Tallow is a natural far used for everything from frying, to making lard for use as a superior fat in cookies, cakes, flaky biscuits, and even making soap. Using fat that is from a properly raised hog like we do really gives a great flavor, and allows you to use a little less in each recipe. Pork Tallow is used world wide. Take a moment to do a quick search on how to render your own, and save some money making lard by simply melting the fresh tallow. Some people will put tallow out for the birds in winter also. Dogs like it as a treat, in small amounts, and I’m sure there’s a list a mile long of other great uses!


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