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Pastured Goose Eggs LARGE


Per each or 2 for $5

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Sold PER EACH pastured goose eggs from our own corn and soy free geese! Pastured Goose Eggs are HUGE!
Only Available mid January thru June Geese are seasonal layers so get them while they are hot! Each egg has 3 extra large chicken eggs worth of tasty goodness inside. The shell is very hard, (I have no idea how a gosling ever gets out of the hatching ones)
These are specifically for eating, and are part of my flock of pet birds. The Eggs are very creamy textured, no stringiness, and fluff like a pancake when fried. Try one when you make french toast, or in egg bake, or use just 1 in a cake mix, OMG, you gotta try that! The cake with a goose egg is divine. Boiled they make a great big creamy deviled egg! Use them any other way you use eggs. They are more than a novelty! The shell can be blown out and used for decorating also.

NO SHIPPING AVAILABLE on eggs. Pick up in person at a local market or the farm


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