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Hamburger Cow Bundle


AGA Certified grassfed ground beef Whole cow


“Crowd Cow” Certified American Grassfed Ground Beef that’s easily split as many ways as you like! Get together with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, or even your church group, wedding party, anniversary, or any other gathering or event.

Healthy and delicious meat! Mature cows have a honorable purpose too! Once no longer productive we process the beef that has time honored built in flavor! Each one varies greatly in size, but for budgeting purposes, use the below estimate for approximate amount of meat you will take home.

Cuts will include approximately 350 lbs grassfed ground beef, 6 lbs tenderloin steaks, 8lbs sirloin steaks, 8 lbs of soup bones, optional bone broth bones, heart, liver, tongue, kidneys.

Only Available in June and December for custom processing.


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