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December Grassfed Beef


Reserve your 1/4 grassfed Beef now.

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Slaughter date December 100% Grassfed Beef

If you wish to have items outside our standard cut, please contact us by the day before the slaughter date.

  • Grassfed Beef Standard Cut with size:
    Chuck Roasts 2-3#
    Beef Roasts 2-3#
    Round Roasts 2-3#
    Rump Roasts 2-3#
    Sirloin Tip Roast 2-3#
    Brisket 3-7# (varies by beef)
    T-Bone steak with tenderloin 1/pk
    Bone-In Ribeye steak 1/pk
    Sirloin Steak 1/pk
    Hanger Steak 1/ half
    Skirt Steak 1/ half
    Flank Steak 1/ half
  • Stew Meat 5 1# packs
  • Beef Ribs (short or long cut) 2#/ pk
    Soup Bones (neck bones) 2-3#/ pk
    Knuckle Bones 2-3#/ pk ~Optional up to 10 lbs per 1/4 beef
    Suet 2-5 lbs
    Ground beef 1# packages 38-45 (varies by beef)

Total weight approx 110-125 lbs
Your total will be $7.60/ lb less the reserve payment. 1/4’s with boneless ribeye, NY, etc, you will pay an additional $.15/ lb

(For those who have formerly calculated using hanging weight, approx $4.55/ lb hanging weight processing included. This is a very fair and average grassfed beef price!) Processing is about $1.10/ lb

More info:

I want to clarify some things:

  1. It costs close to $1640 to properly raise ONE beef for 2 years these days. This is feed ALONE!
  2. Then add pasture ownership, rent, and leases, hay purchased (or own the machinery and land to raise hay), organic mineral, salt, labor, trucking, vet (calf hood vaccination, and holistic care), marketing, electric for the well, depreciation on fencing, and a lot of other stuff!
  3. The Processing alone is over $500 PER HEAD.
  4. IF you are paying on hanging weight from someone else, only the feed and processing is about $3 per pound. On a 700 # hanging weight beef, You also bought about 210 pounds of bones that were thrown away at $3/ lb which cost you $630. How do you feel about that?
  5. WE DO NOT SELL ON HANGING WEIGHT!!!!! We ONLY sell finished product weight, processing included. Your list of cuts above all cost you $7.60/ lb PERIOD.
  6. Delivery to a drop site is FREE. You are welcome to pick up at the farm, or processor if paid in full.


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