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Customizable Meat CSA


Only $10 per week for the whole year! Use it your way!


Want to pledge your support to our farm year-round and get the items in your box that YOU want when you want them? Here it is!

Your customizable meat CSA membership gives you $2 per pound off all retail prices for beef! example: $8 retail ground beef is $6 for CSA members. The purchase is deducted from your pre-paid share! Sweet, Right?
Ok, How about $1/ lb off pork, $.50/ lb off chicken and lamb, $2 each off duck or goose.

Members can use your share to buy a turkey, bundles, 1/4 animals, or even specialty items like brats or sausage. You can also purchase eggs with your share. Also, you will get a $.50/ dozen discount on the eggs.

New Members can sign up anytime then use it till it’s gone.
Most members with 2 persons homes will use about 1 pound of meat per week. Your $525 share will last an average of a year with 1 pound per week. You certainly can use more or less, it’s up to you!

Meat Lovers enjoy our customizable meat CSA. Members are also really excited about the online ordering that we have added to make the experience more user friendly.

Our focus is to grow our customizable meat CSA making it easily available to more people in the future. Got a big family and use a lot of meat? Do you use the Keto diet? paleo? carnivore? have autoimmune disease? You can buy a larger share and use it as you go if it works for you.


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