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A-la-carte Meat CSA


Average Only $10 per week for the whole year! Use it your way!


Let’s learn about the a-la-carte CSA!

Stop swiping your credit card every week, make it quick and easy to get your meats and eggs at our retail locations, or on the farm.

CSA Stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”.

Your $525 share gets you wholesale prices, at retail locations.

Instead of paying every time, your single payment up front works like a pre-paid share.

You use it your way, until it’s used up.

Here’s an example of how a CSA membership benefits YOU:

Products in the basket

Steak 1.5 lbs retail $27 CSA $24 is deducted from your account

2 ground beef      retail $15   CSA $14 is deducted from your account

1 pork roast 2.5 lbs retail $15  CSA $13 is deducted from your account

1 dozen eggs         retail $7   CSA 6.50 is deducted from your account.

CSA member saved $8.50 on this group of items.

No extra money exchanges hands. Once your share is paid for, you use it till it is used up.

You can use your share to buy a bundle, like 10 pounds of Ground beef, or a 6 pound bundle of 5 flavors of brats.

How do we, as the farmer, benefit from the CSA? 

Your commitment, buying a share, gives Hailey and I operating money during the production and processing phase of production. This helps us know we have meats pre-sold. Even though you will customize your order as you go.

Also look at out Turkey or Chicken CSA options!


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