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This one is really easy!

Don’t just drive by the driveway. Stop in, and BUY something!

Don’t just walk past them at the farmer’s market. Stop and buy something!

Do more than “thank a farmer” as you pass by. Farmer’s are very intelligent people. Your ‘thank you’ in a sale even once a year, tells that farmer that you really do appreciate them. That couple dollars can mean a lot!

I know YOU are not the snooty person who is pushing their designer stroller, wearing gucci shoes, driving a prosch who didn’t even bother to look at the price list on the table and said in a voice that screams “you’re low class”, “thank you” without slowing down. Believe me, a LOT of people do that! Yes, they got the message to “thank a farmer” and they did. But they, being so ‘high class’ in their head, missed the most tasty stuff they never gave a farmer a chance to offer them. Few farmers even get out in front of the consumers to offer them what they produce. I thing some lack the personal skills, some are too busy farming, and some just live too far away from the consumer.

Do more than Thank a farmer!

Need Shipping?

We can ship to anywhere in Minnesota, Eastern ND, SD, NE, Western WI, Iowa, Northern Illinois, MO, the UP Michigan. Via Spee Dee Delivery.

We understand that some folks may have immune disorders, or other health sensitivities and door drop is your only option. Please call us if we can help! A 7-28 lb box can be shipped for about $.50/ lb