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Chipmunks? Striped bacon seeds? Right here in black and white Noxious Weed control, place flowers indoors for enjoyment, and they will not reproduce. silly Goose! STRANGE Sleeping position! red skunk? is that even a thing? I capture some really interesting photos as...

From the Ground UP

Our beef doesn’t magically appear on our plate, your’s doesn’t either.  Our beef grows in a pasture, not a lab. It starts with soil, and all of the complexities that live within it. The grass that grows in that soil is 50% above ground, and 50% below...

Need Shipping?

We can ship to anywhere in Minnesota, Eastern ND, SD, NE, Western WI, Iowa, Northern Illinois, MO, the UP Michigan. Via Spee Dee Delivery.

We understand that some folks may have immune disorders, or other health sensitivities and door drop is your only option. Please call us if we can help! A 7-28 lb box can be shipped for about $.50/ lb