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Apple n Pork Chops

Apple n Pork Chops

While the grill may be a bit buried in storage this week you might find firing up the oven a good way to warm your home, heart and stomach! INGREDIENTS 4 hearty portions 3 Tbsp olive oil (or bacon fat) divided16-24 oz bone-in pork chops whatever with comfortably fit...

From the Heart, Goulash

This is a simple 1 pot meal! 1-Pot Beef Heart Goulash (Gluten-free) 6 cloves garlic, peeleddrizzle pomegranate molasses, optional1 teaspoon organic oregano1 teaspoon ground organic turmeric/curcumin powder1/2 teaspoon ground organic ceylon cinnamon1 teaspoon...

3 seasons

As a very traditional cook I use a lot of 3 seasonings and let the flavor of the meat do the rest! The market had a huge section for herbs and seasonings to give the meat case’s meat a flavor beside “blah”. Using the slower growth and fats in our...
Carnivore Stew

Carnivore Stew

While I like a sew as much as the next person, I really like how quickly I can make this one! You will need: 1 pound of grassfed beef stew meat (partly thawed) 1/2 package bacon (frozen or partly thawed) 1 clove garlic crushed (Optional Onion) 1/4-1/2 onion (Optional...

Need Shipping?

We can ship to anywhere in Minnesota, Eastern ND, SD, NE, Western WI, Iowa, Northern Illinois, MO, the UP Michigan. Via Spee Dee Delivery.

We understand that some folks may have immune disorders, or other health sensitivities and door drop is your only option. Please call us if we can help! A 7-28 lb box can be shipped for about $.50/ lb