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30 Below

If you think its all green grass and flowers here, you maybe didn’t realize we live in MINNESOTA! While living in Minnesota has it’s perks, like lack of hurricanes, and no heat waves that last for months, we do have other perks like frozen waterers, toes,...

Pigs with Heart

Pigs with Heart Have you wondered what it's like to be a pig at our ranch? It’s no secret, pigs don’t always get the prize for having a picture perfect home in our eyes. They like things a little stirred up! While I’ve probably not been a pig in...
Why Corn and Soy Free?

Why Corn and Soy Free?

While the debate rages on, I went corn and soy free to our animals years ago. Why? It started out as a simple issue for myself. I got a terrible gut ache from eating pork. Didn’t matter if it was bacon, sausage, or ribs. I was miserable. The length of time I...

Need Shipping?

We can ship to anywhere in Minnesota, Eastern ND, SD, NE, Western WI, Iowa, Northern Illinois, MO, the UP Michigan. Via Spee Dee Delivery.

We understand that some folks may have immune disorders, or other health sensitivities and door drop is your only option. Please call us if we can help! A 7-28 lb box can be shipped for about $.50/ lb