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About Us

"Living in sync with nature"

Live long, happy, and best of all, healthy!
We LIVE to bring you the best meats in the Midwest!

Bringing LOVE and PASSION to your table.

Ashley & Hailey

Meet my family.

My daughters seen above holding a couple baby berkshire influenced hogs at our ranch.
They are highly involved in the operation, as well as owning some of our livestock.


Our Ranch, 20+ years in the making. Click here to learn about each specie.

We raise Registered British White cattle which are noted for their docile temperament and superior meat. Cattle of Royal Descent, we have worked to build the meat quality for 100% Grass Fed Beef production with superior tenderness. There is NO grain fed to our cattle at any stage of production.

As a hobby and side offering, we raise Berkshire, Tamworth, and Mangalitsa (red meat) pork, Cornish Cross chickens, meat type geese, and ducks, as well as a flock of mixed breed brown and green egg laying hens. We are 100% corn and soy free in our production, which gives our meats a superior taste!

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Chicken on a Hay Bale
Mulit-colored Eggs

Life on the farm begins early, often with the crowing of a rooster or the cackling of a chicken after it's laid its egg. And just as you and I need to make sure we get our three square meals a day, these farm animals also need to be fed, watered and even nurtured to thrive. It's never a nine to five job, but 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This is the dedication and passion that goes into producing the great beef, pork and poultry products produced by Christina and her daughters.

To take this another huge leap forward, these lovely ladies have made a commitment to not only raise the livestock necessary for readily available meats and eggs, but they are doing so to achieve the best quality food for you and your family. This means that they have to step outside the common box of producing feedlot or confined food which is a huge undertaking. Every day brings with it a new challenge of sorts where many would just give in and go back to the common practices.

That doesn't happen here. Christina stands firm in her convictions and continues to seek out and adopt practices that will continue to bring her belief in top quality products not only to her family, but to the general public.

Everyone knows that business is driven by viability...the ability to sustain, financially, ethically and above all, emotionally. It's a delicate balance that Christina committed to years ago while being scoffed at, looked down upon and out and out trashed. This has not caused her to waiver in her belief in making sure there is top quality food for those who choose to partake of it.

If you have gotten this far, I would like to express my gratitude to you for taking your time to learn a bit about what these ladies are about. And, if you choose to, take some time to make an appointment to stop by and visit with them. There are few women that I have ever met who are as knowledgeable, dedicated and committed to a group of animals and their desire to bring quality food to your table as the ladies on Rolling Hills Traeger Ranch! They are my inspiration and perhaps they will be yours as well!

Eat Well! Live Long! Enjoy a Great "Grillin Meats" Meal TODAY!!!!


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Girls with Dog
Christina with Calf
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