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Have you met a farm-her that isn’t in love with what she does? Christina says, “If you love what you do, you’ll never ‘work’ a day in your life”

It takes passion for something much bigger to do what we do. Not only overcoming the hurdles of being a Woman in Agriculture, but having enough passion for it to do well enough to survive.

We Love Minnesota, the local food scene, Foodies, and so much more about our Albany/Avon community. Our connections have led us to Maple Grove, MN as well as Minneapolis, MN with dozens of bloosoming connections around the twin cities metro food scene, and farmer’s markets.

‘I personally have struggled with food related illness, allergy and intolerances. Raising “Safe” food is more than a novelty, it’s a necessity. Being a very discerning eater, I have been able to connect easily to the Ketogenic, Atkins diet, Carnivore, Paleo lifestyle with natural ease.’ ~Christina

Being Health Conscious in food production ties directly as one of the cornerstones of our most basic NEEDS. It’s with great passion, love and desire that I share this talent for animal production with you through the meat proteins we produce.


I simply couldn’t do everything I do without the support and partnership with my family! Hailey and I work together to get it all done every day.

Hailey is taking care of the day to day tasks when Christina is off to markets in the twin cities, or making deliveries or drop offs to the various Minnesota area.

What’s your Biggest Food Concern?



What food on a shelf has a face?

Who grew it? Where??

At Rolling Hills Cattle Company, ALL Grillin Meats come WITH the face of your Farm-HER’s!

You get to know us, our products, and what we’re about.

Restaurants and Grocers have a tough time offering this perk reserved to buying direct consumers who purchase directly from the farm-her’s!

Convenience/ Are we Local

With several convenient regional and Twin Cities pick-up location options, we bring the supply to you! We travel 70-90 miles from our rural cattle friendly farm neighborhood.

Want to meet us at one of the farmers markets we deliver to in MSP area each week? That’s Perfect! Or, Better yet, why not visit us at the farm and pick up in person! The choice is yours.

See our list of market locations and times below.

Yes, We’re Local! We produce our meats right here in central Minnesota!


Animal Welfare & Ethics

This is one of our biggest concerns too! We expertly raise every animal from day 1! Our mama cows and bulls are like family. They live up to 20+ years. Every Pig is born HERE too! We purchase chicks, and some lambs from very caring and conciencious farmers (some even vegan). Then we raise them on our pastures. They get the care that gives them happy and healthy lives, their entire life.

While it takes a lot of words to begin to describe our devotion to ethical production of livestock. You can pick up a little on the subject in our monthly e-news!



Regenerative Agriculture:

We all are concerned about the environment! Carbon sequestration, micro-organisms in the soil, even global warming. How can we accomplish a better environment?

Eating animals that live on and cycle nutrients produced on the natural land makes a HUGE impact! We only harvest 1 animal at a time. Our animals don’t harm the micro-organisms, bugs, or even the plants if they have a choice. They will naturally take 50% and leave 50%. This causes regeneration at a much faster rate.


I work with the USDA processor directly to have every pound professionally prepared, and packaged for you. Processing is the last and most key part of the process of making our produced livestock to tasty food.

We love it! All food begins with LOVE! We love being your farm-her and partnering with you to better our local economy, as well as the land and animals in our care.

YES! We always get our meat back. The Butcher won’t “skim or take” our meat.  You always get what you pay for. If you pay for 20 pounds, you get 20 pounds. It’s that simple.


With farmer’s “retiring” or simply selling for less than what their actual cost of production is, sadly farmer’s are loosing their livlihood and identity every day.

HERE, We have calculated ALL costs, and we pay ourselves a fair wage when we sell the finished products.

I challenge anyone to try raising a few chickens and calculate the costs like a business would. It’s an eye opening experience. Next add the cost of the land! Most people forget that part. Land hasn’t been free anywhere in a very long time.

Of course we are fairly compensated! Everyone should be!


Flavor, Tenderness, Juciness, Omega 3’s, Omega 6’s, CLA’s… the list goes on.

There’s so many details that go into getting everything just right. From what and when the animals graze, the minerals, the management, genetics of the animals, it becomes mind boggling.

You need to be condifent in our ability to figure our the details so you can simply get a cut of beef, pork, chicken, lamb, turkey etc. that has a consistently appealing profile and enjoy it.

Rest assured, I can boggle any mind with hours of details on what all goes through my head to make the details come together for a consistently amazing premium quality product.


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Find us at one of these farmer's market locations around the Twin Cities Metro

While I can only be at one place at a time, I travel 70-100 miles closer to you.

SUMMER MARKETS end the last week of OCTOBER 2019 WINTER MARKETS Begin NOVEMBER 2, 2019 and run though APRIL 2020


Closed Sundays Dec- May

Saturday Dropsite

Maple Grove Farmer’s Market
AT: Grove Square on 83rd Way
12:40-1 pm
***WINTER*** Dates

bi-weekly till April


Minneapolis Farmer’s Market
AT: 312 E. Lyndale Ave N MPLS 9-12

bi Weekly


March 6, 20

April 10, 17, 24

Outdoor Summer Markets

We market through the season, we rarely miss a date. Summer markets end the end of October.

DROP SITE for BLAINE is in the works. We need 10+ committed customers to be feasible to have me come over. If you wish to become a buying club member, contact Christina.

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